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Mount Cutting - Plain | Decorative | Multiple | Oval | Wash lining

Stretching - Canvas | Tapestry | Cross stitch | Embroidery

Glazing - Normal clear and non-reflecting. 'Image Perfect' UV filter, invisible. Acrylic sheet

Frame Repair & Restore - Clean - Regild - Reglaze. Picture restoration: Clean and repair Oils - water colours - prints - needlework - canvas relining

Frames Gallery Frames

Dry Mounting - Basic to Archival

Laminating - Onto Card - Foamcore, Foamex PVC etc with various finishes including Matt, Gloss, Linen, Sandtex. We can mount and laminate up to 52" wide

Retail Outlets - To provide a service from your own premises contact Retail sales

Corporate Framing - Let us quote for presentation framing, award and qualification certificates as well as Board room and office pictures. We can use "house colours"

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